“What’s a Dallas girl doing in Chicago?”

With my days left in Texas rapidly approaching single digits, I figured I should update my blog. All summer, I’ve been getting the same questions, both from familiar faces and relative strangers: “What comes next?”, shortly followed by “Why Chicago?”.  The title of this post was a (fair) question I received from the woman cutting my hair a few weeks ago, but I feel it rather sums up many of the discussions I’ve had. I tried to answer those questions in my first Chicago blog post, but I can’t exactly send a blog post to people in real life and expect that to be sufficient. The short answer is usually a variant of “I have a job there through a service corps program,” which is typically enough for a short conversation in the checkout line.

294dfb4481c9589248212a473ef184d9Another popular question has been variations on “When do you leave?”. One week from Monday (August 22nd), I will be flying to New York to spend a week at
orientation for all first year YAVs. On the 29th of August, I will fly directly to Chicago (at 6:30am local time!) to begin my adventure there. Before then, I need to continue start packing a year of my life into two suitcases, a daunting prospect for someone who hates packing as much as I do. Luckily, thanks to my semester in Wales I’m pretty well set for cold weather clothing, although I’m still on the hunt for some good winter boots to keep my feet warm and dry – if y’all have any suggestions I’m all ears! I’m basically just anticipating looking like the kid from a Christmas Story for a few months this winter anyways. This Texas girl is maybe not completely ready for a real winter, although I’m very excited about marginally cooler temperatures than the 100+ degree days we’ve been getting here.

I am continuing to fundraise for my year in Chicago, although I am getting close to my end goal! If you are able to help support me in any way, you can find more details in this post!


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